Fairfield Inn in Texas City Needs to Learn Marriott Manners (and good business relations)

Blog Post created by johans on Apr 7, 2018

I am approaching 1,800 nights at Marriotts, and I got kicked out of a Marriott for the first time, and it was over a reservation error at the hotel. Let me start that I have stayed at this hotel for about 50 days. Checkout was scheduled for April 11. Today at 1:00 PM I was relaxing in my hotel room at the Fairfield Inn - Texas City TX. Housekeeping knocked on my door and told me that I am scheduled to check out. I then talk to the front desk. They tell me that I am scheduled to check out today (April 7). I have 1 hour to leave. The front desk said they could not see my reservation history (they were overbooked). They told me I had to leave. Based on late checkout policy (and my wait time on Marriott's customer service phone line) I had to leave. I found a hotel 40 miles away. I talked to Marriott about it. They looked at their records and said even with the hotel's error, they should have been able to honor my reservation, because of the way overbooking is handled and I am a lifetime platinum member and it was an obvious error based on the records. In addition, Marriott could not get in touch with the manager. Only a front desk person was available. I am going back to the area in the near future for another 50 days, but Fairfield Inn Texas City lost my business. I know of at least 10 other guests that stay there on a regular basis.