Moxy Boston -- December 2019 , First stay in a Moxy

Blog Post created by joannedennison on Dec 24, 2019

I wanted to share the things I learned and observed staying in the new (October 2019) Boston Moxy. I had toured it about two weeks before we were to stay there, so I was aware  of what the rooms looked like, size etc. but for various reasons decided it was the place to stay.

Starting with the Positives--very clean, in excellent condition being so new. The design was fun and different. The price point was incredible. The staff, except for one person at the bar, was very friendly in a casual, but professional way (part of the brand---casual). The second floor where you check in, the bar and food is, and common area is nice, fun---but can be loud to very loud.

Not so positives and for Rewards Members these could be important: There are no coffee makers in the room, and  you will have to pay for every cup of coffee/tea and bottled water. Maybe it does not matter, with the price point being so low, but be aware. Turns out I could have gotten a $10 chip for every day (not one time like a lot of the brands) in place of your points. This was not explained clearly at check in---the way it was said implied only one $10 chip and we did not plan to eat there. In fact I found out by checking the Rewards Chart.(Titanium--can't remember if it was all levels.) 


The check in definitely was not as informative as I needed it to be. Also I had requested use of my suite nights (they were running out) , even though I new there were no suites, for some kind of upgrade. Even though I got confirmation that I would be upgraded (Which some will tell you is a room with slightly more room, the floor, the view--or all of the above), it had me in the most standard room, across from the elevator. I knew it was a standard  because it was shown on the tour I went on as a standard. I did get it changed, but it meant moving all the luggage which was not a good way to start. Also I had a package that arrived that day, and I had to ask about it, and at first it could not be found.


I will admit we did not pick the best stay to be there. there were two of us, and we were there 4 nights.We had a lot of luggage because  of various elements of the trip. It get tricky figuring out how to place stuff in the room with some convenience, and be able to move around the room. There is truly no storage, which would be find with a short trip and little luggage. No closets or drawers. There are pegs on the wall--lots, but for business clothes, not necessarily a good option. There were a few hangers with leather loops to hang on the pegs. Fortunately I had noticed this on the tour and we had packed some plastic hangers. Other than your bed there is nowhere to work in the room, which I know is by the design, but something to be aware of.

We are  not sorry we stayed there. Very, very clean, Comfortable beds, good showers, nice people, great location, great price point. We would stay there again now that we know more, and probably for a different kind of trip.