Fairfield Inn -- St. Robert/Ft. Leonard Wood, MO

Blog Post created by jlsmith on Jun 15, 2016

Hello Happy Traveler!


I stayed at this hotel for a few nights in April 2016. As of that date, this was the only Marriott property in the immediate area.


The hotel staff is SUPER nice and the rooms are pretty clean -- in need of repair in some places, but I've not stayed in a room yet that didn't need some kind of work. There are mini-fridges and microwaves in each room, and the floor was very quiet -- even when the hotel was full. If you need to go on Post it's a quick drive, but the road bottlenecks in the morning.  If you are going "into town" give yourself some time, it's a slow drive once you get off of the highway -- slow to me anyway.


The hotel is about two hours from St. Louis, and easy to get to from the interstate.  Walmart is right around the corner from the hotel. There is no Target in the immediate area.  Most of the restaurants had poor reviews, so I chose not to eat at any of the restaurants.  The breakfast in the hotel did not look at all appealing to me.  I bought groceries for my stay. 

The business center in the hotel is an outdated computer in the lobby. If you need to print something, rather than fooling with the machine, ask the hotel staff if you can use their computer to print it off -- I suggest you do that when no one else is in the lobby.  I had no problems with wi-fi, it was fast and connected easily.

There is one ice machine on the first floor. Sooooo if you happen to sprain your ankle while there -- I will not confirm or deny if I'm speaking from experience -- just know that you will go downstairs every time you want ice for your ankle or anything else which may be a little painful.

If you happen, somehow, for some reason to forget a pair of shoes or fail to pack enough clothes (maybe this only happens to me)…there are a number of stores in the area, as well as an outlet mall about one hour away.  I didn't make it to the outlet mall, but I did go the shoe store.


Finally, If you need to go to the US Post Office, give yourself extra time. NO ONE is in a hurry, not the workers, not the customers in front of you. You will be golden if you walk up the counter knowing exactly what you want, have everything signed, sealed and ready to deliver and pay cash. If you are paying by credit card, know how the card machine works -- yes you.  It's possible that the postal worker (who is as nice as can be) will not know how the machine works. He may be nervous because he's the only one working and the line is growing or it may be his first week or he just may be distracted, who knows, but he won't know how it works, or he'll hit the wrong key and have to start over.  I'm telling you, if you have to go the post office in St. Robert, MO, bring a book or an audio or video file, but don't be in a hurry.


Thanks for reading, Safe travels.