Unpleasant Stay Residence Inn Reno

Blog Post created by jeannieniles on Jul 12, 2017

I really dislike anything negative and especially writing negative reviews, however the Residence Inn Reno was extremely disappointing during our last stay in March.   Very poor service, very unfriendly.  With the exception of one guy named Solo, no one at the front desk ever said hello, offered to help in any way.  In fact, when entering you usually have to ding a bell to get assistance.      Hotel was average in every way....nothing to service was the minimum RI's serve.


My little 4 pound dog was having a hypoglycemic problem...called the front desk to explain and inquire if they had any honey or something sweet I could give her.  Response was "no we don't" and they hung up.      The day before our last night reserved, weather said it was going to snow the following day.   Since I can't drive in snow and have a two wheel vehicle, I attempted to extend a day.   Response was "we're full so you have to leave".    I explained I have a husband that's ill, the snow driving, etc. etc.   Still no......finally in exasperation I inquired if our membership made any difference.....response was " no it doesn't....not at this have to leave,   Try Best Western!!!!     Even if there was no way they could have arranged for us to extend, I could have been treated in a far more polite, less demeaning manner.   


I left two voice mails for the return call.


We will never return to the Residence Inn Reno.......


Here's a tip.......stay at the Renaissance in Reno and you will be very glad you did.  They accept pets too!