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I really dislike anything negative and especially writing negative reviews, however the Residence Inn Reno was extremely disappointing during our last stay in March.   Very poor service, very unfriendly.  With the exception of one guy named Solo, no one at the front desk ever said hello, offered to help in any way.  In fact, when entering you usually have to ding a bell to get assistance.      Hotel was average in every way....nothing to service was the minimum RI's serve.


My little 4 pound dog was having a hypoglycemic problem...called the front desk to explain and inquire if they had any honey or something sweet I could give her.  Response was "no we don't" and they hung up.      The day before our last night reserved, weather said it was going to snow the following day.   Since I can't drive in snow and have a two wheel vehicle, I attempted to extend a day.   Response was "we're full so you have to leave".    I explained I have a husband that's ill, the snow driving, etc. etc.   Still no......finally in exasperation I inquired if our membership made any difference.....response was " no it doesn't....not at this have to leave,   Try Best Western!!!!     Even if there was no way they could have arranged for us to extend, I could have been treated in a far more polite, less demeaning manner.   


I left two voice mails for the return call.


We will never return to the Residence Inn Reno.......


Here's a tip.......stay at the Renaissance in Reno and you will be very glad you did.  They accept pets too!

We normally stay at the Residence Inn Reno but after being treated so poorly last stay there, we opted to find a new place to stay when visiting Reno.     I am so thankful we found the Renaissance.     We always stay in Marriott Hotels, but this hotel is the BEST Marriott Hotel we have ever had the pleasure of staying.  Everything about this hotel is over the top.     It's only one month old so of course the interior is perfect.   It takes a little getting used to because it's decorated in a minimalist style and for those used to lots more furnishings, it's a bit shocking at first.     Let me share the wonders of this hotel.


I don't know how this management does it, but every one who works here is super friendly and welcoming.   From the moment we walked in the door, it has been a Happy Place.    The Concierge Room has great food and a wonderful staff.    Tonight Haley....the server was over the top efficient, dynamic and friendly.   She was amazing to watch in that she shows how much she likes her job and makes sure everyone in the room is getting what they need. 


I was enjoying the outdoor view of the river flowing by and the Executive Chef Jacob even stopped by to inquire if everything was okay and could he make anything else for me!!!  


We have our two pups with us and a bellman delivered a a nice comfy bed for our 4 pound dogs.  It's super soft and they love it.  They received dog treats too so they have voted to return here as well.


The location is great...right downtown, easy walking distance to casinos, restaurants and shows.  The hotel has a van to take you anyplace you want to go so it isn't necessary to use your car.   Valet Parking is free here by the way.


Beautiful views from our room of downtown and the Riverwalk.    We didn't realize how much of a river Reno has.  It's beautiful and has a very strong running stream.


Reno is not one of our top vacation spots, but we will return many times.......just to stay in this lovely hotel.