HOUSE KEEPING THEFT (Marriott Amsterdam)

Blog Post created by jameschen on Jun 29, 2019

HOUSE KEEPING THEFT.    (Marriott Amsterdam)  


My wife and I stayed here from June 23-26th as we celebrated my birthday.  On the morning of the 26th, My wife’s black purse had disappeared from our room, while we were at breakfast from 8:50am-11:20am. 


Purse and clothes 25th of June.  Left M lounge at 7:40pm with purse.


Originally we thought we might have forgotten it somewhere else we asked head of security to check their cameras. We got  photographic proof From M Lounge)  the night before at 7:40pm  of my wife carrying her purse back into the room.  She didn’t leave the room until breakfast.  After breakfast, we came back and her purse was gone.   Her passport, credit cards, cash, everything GONE. 


We spoke with the house cleaner, she chuckled and said “I didn’t see anything.”  

We spoke to house cleaning manager, he came to our room and looked around for 3 minutes then left.   

We spoke to head of security, they said "there is no proof, go file a police report"  .

We spoke to general manager and they said they will follow up. 

It’s been 72 hours and there is no update, no follow up.    


We filed a police report for our missing belongings.  Just found out the officer only wrote missing passport, didn’t mention about the purse with credit card and cash.  The report isn’t in English so we didn’t know until we were advised by insurance company.  




Hotel didn’t offer us anything for compensation.  We were forced to spend another 400 Euros to stay another night as we scrambled to the Taiwan embassy to get a temporary passport located in Haag (2 hours away).  Rebooked our flight and paid 900 Euro fee.


It took a lot of emotional control not to make a scene.  Wanted to stay in the lounge and tell EVERY SINGLE GUEST what happened.  Even moreTempted to buy a lie detector and test every house keeper…


However, to save my own sanity… I prefer to think that

the thief was desperate and needed the money to save someones life. 


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be careful while staying at this hotel. 

Once it’s stolen it’s gone forever and there is nothing you can do about it.  

Don’t let your guard down, even for breakfast.