2018 = my frist year Marriott = Ambassador Status

Blog Post created by inve1337 on Jan 6, 2019

Hello everybody, this is my first post here, but I think it is the right occasion.


I have spent exactly the last 100 nights (since October) of the year 2018 in Marriott hotels and just got the upgrade to the Ambassador status .


My thoughts:

  • Was a special situation, I was very dissatisfied with Hilton in October and still had to travel for the rest of the year -excact 100 Days.
  • I looked at several other hotel brands, but the number of locations there was too small for me. Marriott was the best option for the merger.
  • Unfortunately, there was no status match, which scared me off - but luckily I made the right decision and signed up for the Marriott Rewards program.
  • It was not planned to stay that long in Marriott hotels yet. But I liked it so much that it happened.
  • Which hotels I like the most:
    1. Hawaii: Moana Surfrider and Marriott Waikoloa Resort
    2. Las Vegas: Cosmopolitan
    3. Medellin: Marriott, on the internet it shows 3 stars and bad pictures but in real it's a bomb.
  • What I liked:
    1. lots of quality 4 and 5 star hotels
    2. great community / lot of content about the rewards program
    3. great staff, good service, good upgrade policy
  • What Marriott could improve: 
    1. Sustainability - I see often a lot a of potential.... a lot of packaging, disposable items, power wastage, not in every house greenoption etc. We only have one planet.
    2. No credit card in the EU, that is a great pity
    3. I see on the Marriott homepage no star category, number of rooms and year of construction?


Thanks to the forum for the many information.
Thanks to Marriott for the great time.