NO, NO for the Marriott Honolulu if your Elite

Blog Post created by inflightelite on May 26, 2018

I have been a Marriott Rewards Platinum Elite LIFETIME member for 12 years now with over 1400 Nights stayed and THIS IS TH EVERY first time I feel compelled to write and WARN other members NOT TO STAY AT THE MARRIOTT HONOLULU.


With over 1400 Nights this was by FAR THE WORST check in EVER at any hotel let alone a Marriott. I would suggest the management view the camera of the front desk staff and review the way the treat their customers who are paying the hotel great revenue to fill their hotel. Normally, I would say a smile and a welcome would be standard and IS AT EVERY OTHER MARRIOTT HOTEL I HAVE STAYED AT but NOT at this hotel. Yes I did make two reservations one for one night and then I had to extend my stay and booked three more. Need less to say I would have liked to have been offered the same room for the entire stay and the representative who checked me in was abrupt and made you feel like you were an inconveince to her day. Go the extra mile ? NO, be pleasant ? NO Hawaiian Hospitality and kindness HELL NO,,,, I have stayed at this hotel some 6 or 7 times now and I should no better and now that Marriott Rewards Members are just something that the hotel does not want and would rather seek FIT or Group. I urge you to find another post from me anywhere in 12 years that is negative, the simple answer is you won't find one. So buyer beware, if you think you will be welcomed with a smile and a can I help you sincere welcome FORGET IT it does not exist here.


Sad I have to take time out of my day to make it known how upset I am #StayAwayMarriottHonolulu #PoorCheckIn #MarriottElite #RudeStaffMarriottHonolulu