A Day On Lago di Como, Italy

Blog Post created by iahflyr on Aug 22, 2019

Ahhhh Lago di Como, so beautiful a spot with so many little towns to visit around the lake.  We stayed in Bellagio which is often referred to as "the pearl of Lago di Como".  For any of you who have been there you may tend to agree with that phrase as we do with all the great wine bars, shops, restaurants, tiny alleyways that wander up, down, across the town and all the scenery around.


Lago di Como is shaped like an upside down "Y" with Bellagio at the tip of the "Y".


To travel from town to town around the lake the ferry system is outstanding.  There are passenger only boats as well as car ferries (Traghetto) that crisscross the lake all day and into the night and you can also get private boats to take you around.


While the ferry boats are a fun way to enjoy the lake we opted to rent our own vessel from Bellagio Rent A Boat which we reserved a couple of months in advance.  Luigi was wonderful to deal with and promised us a fabulous time for the four hour rental.  We took the 10 minute walk from our hotel to his dock and within five minutes we were on the dock getting our briefing on operating the boat and lake rules. 


Having had boats since I was 13 until around six years ago I was not at all nervous about being a "Captain" again.  But even those who have no experience at all it would still be a great time and you'd get the hang of it real quick, not at all intimidating.  


So here we go taking the southeast leg of the lake heading toward Lecco first discovering more of the beautiful scenery in Northern Italy.  Spotted a few waterfalls as well as the tunnels for the roads that run alongside the lake and of course a couple of villas (no George has his on the Como side of the lake).


After motoring back northbound we stopped near Varenna to enjoy some of the meats and cheese we brought along from a wonderful deli in Bellagio.  Yes of course, wine also was on the docket (and suggested by Luigi).


The journey then continued northbound past Bellano and Dervio before stopping again to enjoy more of the yummy treats while enjoying the freshness of the air, bright northern Italy sunshine and the southwestern part of the Swiss Alps in the distance.


Whoops, only 90 minutes left so we headed across the lake toward San Siro then south along the western short toward Menaggio, Tremezzo before ending up in Argegno abeam Villa Belvedere which is where we'd be spending out last night on Lago di Como before heading for home in a couple of days.


We used up the full four hours getting back to Luigi at the dock right on time at 2 PM.  WOW what a wonderful way to spend the day.  Cannot express how relaxing it was just the two of us wandering around a gorgeous spot on earth. 


After getting back to our terrace room in Bellagio's Hotel Metropole it was time to reflect on the day and first few days of our holiday in Italy, just like Italians would.


Thanks for coming along with us on an incredible day.