Hotel Review:  The Westin Dallas Park Central

Blog Post created by iahflyr on Nov 26, 2018

My Wife had a convention to attend at The Westin Dallas Park Central which I usually fly with her up to DFW to help her with her carry-on (bad back issues) and then fly home the same day avoiding having to stay in the town east of Ft. Worth!    Since this year the conventions was being held at the same time as our annual family reunion at my Sister, Hubby and family's locale of El Paso, Texas, we modified the dates somewhat of both spots and decided to make it a four night three airport tour of Texas.  


  • Day One.........IAH-DFW on UA Express E175
  • Day Three......DFW-ELP on AA Super 80 (MD83)
  • Day Five.........ELP-IAH on UA B737-700


I had checked into the Westin using the Mobile App for our booked King Bed Mini Suite Upper Floor Corner room and requested an upgrade via the chat function.  The response was oh so very slow and when I finally received a reply it was simply "your request has been noted on your reservation".  OK


Arriving at the hotel we found a bright open modern designed lobby area with the bar and restaurant in near the front doors.  We were greeted by the Front Desk fella who was all smiling and giggly, yet professional.  I showed him my TX Drivers License, yet he wanted to see my CC which the reservation was made using from my Rewards Account.  Well, I don't usually travel with that card and didn't this time so he was somewhat confused as how to handle the reservation.  I asked him if he had the card of file and if so why he needed the card.  Great reply, "to verify your identification".  REALLY....I just gave him my DL.  So we laughed that off with him and he seemed to get with the program of giving us our keys.  Since the convention was taking up a large chunk of the hotel he told us no need to get into the Executive Lounge as it will be overrun so he gave us full breakfast coupons for both days as well as free appetizers and two beverage coupons per day at the lobby bar.  Nice touch I thought.  He also noted that he was putting all Platinum Elites and higher on the lower floors since the elevators were always filled with convention goers and it would be easier for us.  Off to the room.


Room on the 4th floor and the view was incredible.....overlooking a parking lot roof.  Not the best, plus to mini-refrigerator, wasn't on a corner and the upper floor, well we knew that already from the Front Desk person.  The room while somewhat small lacked a fresh aroma and the bathroom was less than well maintained.  So the Wife got on the phone to call downstairs, only problem the room phone did not work.  She marched down to the Front Desk and go another room.  


Next room, same floor, not much better view, but everything was fresh, working order and had the fridge!  Success.

For two nights it would be okay since I planned on not being in the hotel much anyway nor attending the convention too often.


This area of down is not a spot I wanted to be wandering around too far from the hotel.  The restaurant/bar options were few and far between other than a Benihana's about two blocks away.  There are hardly any sidewalks so you either walk on the curb or grass/dirt to get where you want to go and it just didn't feel as the area was well taken care of at all.  


Upon leaving the hotel on Sunday morning bright and early for the trip back to DFW, not a sole at the Front Desk to check us out as the TV in the room would not allow us to checkout, the Mobile App did not have a checkout feature showing up for the reservation, so since our ride was waiting we just left.  


Overall, I will avoid this spot and area of north little D town in the future.