Hotel Review: Sugar Land Marriott Town Square

Blog Post created by iahflyr on Jul 22, 2018

Stayed across town after a concert in Sugar Land, Texas, at the Sugar Land Hotels | Sugar Land Marriott Town Square . We have stayed at this property previously and found it to be an excellent choice for location in the Sugar Land Town Square, numerous restaurants and bars to check out and the shuttle to the concert is right across from the hotel to get the year or so old Smart Financial Centre,


We've become accustomed to certain things at full service Marriott Hotels and Resorts so if this comes across as a little picky in parts, that is the reason why.   



  • Recognition at Front Desk and heart felt thank you for being Lifetime Platinum (yes they do know if you're a Lifetime)
  • Spacious comfortable allergy free room
  • Large closet and plenty of dresser drawer space
  • Very clean
  • Mini-refrigerator
  • Large bathroom
  • Nice comfortable King Bed 
  • Excellent Front Desk personnel (except one fella)
  • Wonderful Bartenders and selection of beverages with good weekend hours
  • Complimentary parking (if you don't want to valet)
  • Concierge Floor and Lounge (not open on weekends other than for water/sodas)
  • Concierge Lounge HAS water bottles



  • Room did not have real glasses only flimsy plastic cups
  • Coffee supply had only one decaffeinate and one caffeinated selection
  • Only two small creamers (the usual Marriott thing)
  • Shower head was more of a trickle of water than shower
  • Sink in bathroom barely drained
  • Smoking area directly out the main entrance (ICK)
  • TV menu not available for check-out or to review your bill
  • TV satellite provider used stations from another location so no local sport team coverage which is silly (IMHO)


Overall stay would rate 3 out of 5 STARS, but the lack of being able to watch the World Series Champions games puts a bad taste in this reviewers mouth.  I had asked the Bartenders who won the Astros game and they told us "we have no idea as we don't get the games on this satellite system since the owners of the franchise are from" (some place to the north of H-Town) "and they don't provide Houston sport channels".  Bull I said as did a few others at the bar when that was announced.  This was and still might be our go to spot when in Sugar Land for concerts, but I'll sure look around a little before securing a room if some of those cons are not fixed.


If you want a nice location and a full service Marriott this is a better than average spot.