Delta Airlines (not hotel) IAH-ATL-RSW

Blog Post created by iahflyr on Jun 29, 2018

As many of you know we/I often head down to Ft. Myers, Florida during the year.   Last weekend was time for the early summer jaunt, this time with a new twist.....flying Delta Airlines for the first time in probably ooohhhhh 18-20 years.  Reason being other travel plans that Mrs. IAH had for a convention fell through thus muddling up ALL the airline reservations topped off with airline schedule changes for both American and United which made getting to Ft. Myers (RSW) a goat rope to say the least.  So, I found a completely silly one way ticket fare in First Class with Delta and since my United flight from RSW back home to IAH changed for the better (unlike on the outbound portion) I thought why not see what this Delta thing is all about.


I checked in 24 hours before the flight via the Delta app, very very simple even for me!!   Headed out to IAH for the 7:05 AM departure to ATL with a quick stop at the AMEX Centurion Lounge in Terminal D for a bite newspapers then headed back over to Terminal A to board the flight right on time at 6:30 AM at A10.  The 25 plus year old MD88 didn't show hardly and age at all and was completely clean, fresh looking as we entered the cabin, greeted by a friendly smiling Flight Attendant.  At each First Class seat there was a bottle of water, plush pillow and blanket wrapped in plastic (very nice touch).  Soon after I got seated in 1A we were asked if we'd like a pre-departure drink (heck yes) with the Captain following right behind with a quick brief of the flight to ATL.  Straight up 7 AM the door was shut and away we went.


Due to some storms in the Houston area which had been fun for a couple of days before we headed northeast rather than the normal IAH-ATL routing due eastbound toward New Orleans then a turn to ATL.  


Delta (DL) #2847 ✈ 21-Jun-2018 ✈ KIAH - KATL ✈ FlightAware 


Not hardly a bump as we wandered up to 33,000'.  Since the flight was not long enough to qualify for a full breakfast after we were served our beverage of choice we were offered a selection from the snack basket (fruit, Kind Bars, Chips etc.) which was sufficient for me since I planned on heading over to the International Terminal F to the ATL Club and one of the numerous Dela Sky Clubs at ATL.  



After another round of drinks from the very friendly professional Flight Attendants we started down for ATL.  Having not connected through ATL in forever I was anxious to see what kind of ATC handling we'd get and how much of the airport I'd see during my 2 hour and 26 minute connect time.  


Ahhhh, gotta love those leading edge devices coming out for the quick descent on downwind, nothing like an MD88!!


On the ground landing Runway 27L (not the long end around taxi) and we were at B10 parking alongside some more of the massive number of MD88's Delta still has in the fleet.  


Great flight, great services, on-time and with a thank you to Michael our First Class Flight Attendant I was off to the train and Terminal F.  Simple and easy to reach, up the escalator to the Mezzanine Level and the ATL Club.  Using my Priority Pass to access the lounge they were still serving breakfast so I oped for some fruit and a beverage.  The lounge was nice, nothing special though, but the Bartender was very friendly as were others around in the lounge. 


After about 45 minutes there I decided to head across the Mezzanine to the Sky Club which I got access to with my AMEX Platinum card (nice perk).  I was greeted warmly at the door by one of the Club check-in ladies who told me since I was in the International Terminal F to allow enough time to get back over to Concourse A for my flight to RSW.  Since this was the International Terminal the selection of food was incredible.  Fresh everything and it was lunch time.  So I decided to sample a few items (roasted Veggies and Asian Noodles) which all were great.


Time to get over to Concourse A and get on the B752 heading to RSW.  Again, same as in IAH I was met with bottled water, blanket and pillow......pre-departure drink which the Flight Attendant insisted the special of the day was anything with Vodka in it!!! LOL  Not one wanting to not follow a flight crew instruction I felt it was my civic duty to enjoy a freshly made beverage with Cranberry Juice.  Out of ATL on time, quick taxi to the runway and off we went for RSW.  Another excellent flight with yet another outstanding crew.  After dodging a number of thunderstorms on the approach to RSW we were at the gate.  WOW did that seem to fly by (pun intended).  


Flying Delta was a very good choice.  They certainly made everything about the passenger (at least these crews did) which at times would appear something that does not happen on a number of flights these days.  We will certainly consider Delta for future travel when making a connection is not far out of the way.


Thanks for taking the time to follow this trek into Ft. Myers......might even follow up with another review of the stay in Ft. Myers one day soon!