Hotel Review: JW Marriott Los Cabos Beach Resort & Spa

Blog Post created by iahflyr on Apr 9, 2018

For a very special birthday for my Wife we decided to return to the fabulous Los Cabos Resorts in Mexico | JW Marriott Los Cabos Beach Resort & Spa using points with a cash upgrade into the Griffin Club (boutique style hotel within the resort).  Friday morning we left for the airport and stopped by the IAH AMEX Centurion Lounge and our good friend Charles was behind the bar.  As always he asks where we are headed and what is the occasion.  Well since it was her birthday I mentioned that and before knew it he had gotten the Chief to prepare a most yummy mousse with a strawberry and the Chief, Charles, Joy and a few other employees sang her Happy Birthday just before we left for the gate.....he is such a good friend and person and we love our Centurion Lounge, yes we do.


Now gotta get some history for a bit!!!


A month or so before we were to leave I was purchasing our Astros home opener tickets when all of a sudden this ad popped up (and I block pop-ups) on the monitor saying that the C/W band Sugarland was going to get back together and tour....AND they'd be playing in Sugar Land , Texas this summer.  My Wife was watching TV about 10 feet from me and absolutely loves Jennifer Nettles and has commented since they stopped playing that she hoped they'd get together again.  Luck was with me as she didn't see that ad so the next morning I bought tickets to see Sugarland in Sugar Land without her knowledge and somehow she never found anything about this concert happening 55 miles away.  One day soon after I bought the tickets I was out alone having some wine (not a HH lunch as some here have been known to do) and go this idea to print out the ad from the internet and put it on the back of her birthday card to give to her on the plane. 




Well since it was her birthday I decided I'd ask our outstanding United Flight Attendant as I went to use the lavatory before the boarding door closed if he'd please put her card on her tray with lunch when he brought it out to which he smile and said "you're dang right I will" .  As I had hoped she got up to use the lavatory before we left the gate so now it was my chance to grab the card from the roll-a-board in the overhead and hand it to him. 


As he was serving lunch here came the tray with her card and a special surprise for her and was she ecstatic!  Actually the Chickpeas and some type of Beans with Polenta was very very good.....anyway



After an excellent flight we exited the terminal at SJD to find our private car to the resort which the Chief Concierge Francisco Perez at the resort had set up for us.  The driver was friendly, professional, happy, polite and spoke very good English during our 30 minute ride to the resort near San Jose' del Cabo.  Arriving at the resort we were greeted and taken to the reception area where we were thanked for being Platinum Reward members and welcomed us back to the resort.  I felt a tap on my shoulder and it was Juan Carlos who we remembered from our first visit.  Juan Carlos is not the Head Butler of the Griffin Club so it was great to see him and he escorted us to the same room G503 that we'd enjoyed so much on our first visit there.  He had a huge smile on his face as he opened the door and it was easy to see why.




The room was just as before, extremely clean, spacious, well maintained and perfect.



The bathroom is great with a huge tub, huge walk-in shower and a little special bird waiting.



Through a few emails Juan Carlos and Francisco Perez I had made reservations at one of the resort restaurants Cafe Des Artises for the table which sits out on the mirror pond all by itself for her birthday dinner that evening.  They did an amazing job in creating the perfect environment for us both.....and the food was darn good also.



What a special day and night we enjoyed and thank you JW staff!


This resort is huge yet even just walking around the resort or visiting the many pools (12 or 13 I think) we never felt as if it was overcrowded.  The food is wonderful, as well as all the staff.....Bartenders at Cafe Des Artises fun and made awesome drinks (of course).


Seared Ahi at the bar another night....OMG



There is a very well equipped fitness facility and a lovely Spa which we did not use this trip.  The beach is really good sized to walk on and enjoy the beautiful color and sound of the Sea of Cortez as it washes onshore however; very strong undertow so swimming in the Sea is not advised even though I did see a few either brave or crazy souls in the water.



We did go into San Jose' del Cabo which is a quaint Mexican town with wonderful friendly people, food, drinks and shopping.  So many places to pick from for a drink or dinner and a very lively place.  The ride from the resort takes about 10 minutes with drivers selected from the resort similar to Epic Transportation that we used to/from the airport.  The taxi ride back though you're on your own, but don't be afraid it is simple.  The resort does like to keep tabs on where you are so when you leave they ask your room number and where you're going as well as welcoming you back and wanting your room number when you return.


The trip went far too fast as usual, but we will certainly be back.  We met some really nice fun folks around the pool at the Griffin Club as well as other around the resort and restaurants.  Such a good spot with super weather to enjoy.