Hotel Review: Houston Marriott South at Hobby Airport

Blog Post created by iahflyr on Apr 9, 2018

My Wife was involved with an outstanding event last Saturday evening for khou.com | Dressed to Kilt honors Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale held at Million Air Houston in their huge hanger located at  Hobby Overview | Houston Airport System.  The entire evening was great fun honoring so many amazing people and supporting special charities.


As we often do when we make our way from our home in The Woodlands into Houston for evening events and games we stay downtown and for the trip to HOU even further way from home the Hotels near Hobby Airport | Marriott Hotel near Hobby Airport  was our choice for the night.  Having previously stayed at this property a few years ago we knew it wasn't going to be a first rate Marriott, but it has always been a really good value with comfortable rooms/beds.


I had checked in via the Mobile App with an arrival time of 2:45 PM, but with a Rocketsgame and Astros game taking place Saturday night we decided to leave good and early to get to the hotel, have a glass of Wine and change before heading over to Million Air around 4:30 PM to help get everything in order that my Wife needed to finalize.  What I didn't do was plan very well as a number of entrance/exit ramps along our way to the many different toll roads and freeways would be sporadically closed, plus after we had meandered around on a few different routes and got south of downtown we'd get involved in the traffic from either road work or an accident. 


Finally getting to the hotel at 3:45 PM I went to get the key to the room while my Wife attempted to order some Wine from the bar.  This fiasco should have clued me to what we might find soon after in the room as the newly anointed bar-tendress had no concept of bar-tending and should not have been left alone to tend bar in a lobby as busy with guests as there were.


So I head up to the room on the top floor leaving my Wife with our room number at the bar to finish helping the young lady with our wine.  As I walked into the room it became very clear that this had been somewhat remodeled as the sliding bathroom door doubled as the closet door....okay that was a first (I don't get out much).  I went over to the window to open the almost completely closed blinds and found out quickly why they were closed.  


Nice touch don't ya think?  Guess that is a new way of blocking out the Gulf Freeway...come on GM, fix it



As I look up and to the right it looks like they have a leak and maybe some work that needs to be done..again nice



Unpacking our lone bag I discovered that housekeeping really had not done a very good job of cleaning the room from the previous guests.


Found this in the dresser drawer



And this in the night stand drawer



Okay so not the highest quality hotel in Houston, but it was after my Wife arrived in the room and I was putting our toiletries in the bathroom that I discovered more lack of cleaning.  How often on Insiders to we complain about hair left around the bathroom and shower?  We find it far too often I believe.


Here are a few more nice "Arrival Gifts" along the shower door and on the shower floor



Since we had completely unpacked now and it was less than 20 minutes until we had to be at Million Air we decided to finish changing and we will put the wine in the mini-fridge, be on our way and deal with this in the morning rather than try to pack all up, get management involved and change rooms.  The bedding was clean so we could at least sleep in something clean when we get back to the room about midnight. 


I opened the fridge to find again not completely cleaned as there were a few tiny particles of something in there, but at this point I wasn't taking any chance so we wrapped our glasses in towels and put them in the fridge.



As I went to sit in the overstuffed chair by the window to tie my shoes (yes I did have to tie shoes not just flip flops as some of you know me to live in ) it looked very old, dirty armrests and torn....nope not sitting in that thing.



Now we've got about 10 minutes to get to the venue which take about that amount of time to make the short drive, so we just shut the door and left.  On the way we both decided that taking a shower the next morning was not an option and we would wash up, grab breakfast from the restaurant buffet as the M Club was not serving any type of breakfast and then we'd be on our way home.


After a super fun event meeting wonderful people (celebs and others) we made our way back to the hotel and popped into the M Club to grab some water.  Well as much as I've read here about no more water bottles in some hotels these days one would think I'd have remembered.....but oh NO!!!!  So I grabbed a couple of glasses and filled them with water from the machine while noticing that the soft drink fridge was almost empty as well as the coffee machine.  Even at this late hour someone should be keeping track of what the supply status is in the 24 hour a day place!!!


Very comfortable bed and a good nights rest so time to pack and get our breakfast.  After our table was cleared from the previous guests my Wife went up to the buffet while I waited with our luggage at the table.  When I pulled out the chair to sit down I found yet another overlooked area that should have been swept up before we took the table to sit down.



As my Wife gets to the table with her plate she tells me the eggs are almost cold, potatoes much the same and the fruit had not been replenished.  Well now imagine that!  I was already going to visit the front desk to check-out and register my complaints of our stay as well as to get the GM's card, but it was not time to do that and get out of there.   Low and behold the GM was in the office.....lucky him!


We exchange cordial greetings and then I voiced our displeasure with the property in general and told him of the condition of our room as well as the restaurant.  He offered to reduce the rate we paid to 1/2 the fare for our displeasure as well as gave me a full list or excuses for things a few of the things we had issues with.  He handed me his card and I told him that when I got home I'd be emailing him all of these photos to give him an idea of what we found. 


After a great breakfast back up here in The Woodlands and getting home I sent him the photos.  This morning I got a message back stating that I'd be getting a complimentary stay rather than the reduced rate so that was a nice gesture and one that I will look for on my Marriott credit card next statement.


While I do not like giving a bad review of a property in this case there was simply more issues than one should find.  It is such a shame that some properties just can't find ways to have their managers look over their staff whether it be housekeeping, maintenance, guest services etc., to where we end up with this type of a stay.  The property owner should be made aware of this type of situation and I think one of our Insiders (you know who you are) might just be a sleuth in finding out who the owners might be!


I will certainly recommend that anyone finding themselves in the HOU area pick another property as there are other Marriott brands close by none of which I've stayed:.