BRG program doesn’t make sense

Blog Post created by glowland on Jan 21, 2020

I’ve recently noticed about the Marriott Bonvoy BRG program. I think BRG doesn’t make sense at all as the following was what I encountered.

I’ve made my booking on Bonvoy app with 90 days advanced purchase prepaid rate for Japan at 61712 yen for 2 night & another reservation at 62995 yen for 2 nights. At the same time I’ve found better rate at for 57172 & 60500 respectively (with photo attached), that’s a difference of 7.36% & 3.96%. In terms of dollar, was $41.35 & $22.72 in difference respectively. When I tried to make my claim with BRG, this was their reply:

When evaluating your claim we must compare the same booking conditions confirmed as your official Marriott reservation including room type, dates of stay, and cancelation policies.

I am unable to approve your claim because of the term and condition provided below:

Rate Type Exclusions
• Any rates that do not provide an immediate confirmation number
• Pre-paid, advance purchase, or non-refundable rates on Qunar, eLong, Meituan Travel, Ctrip/, Ctrip/ affiliate sites, or Fliggy are not eligible


And when I wrote back saying if all these website’s prepaid rate CANT be matched, then what’s the point of having BRG? Their reply is again very general with same explanation as above. My point was that my reservation was 90 days advance purchase rate vs other websites’ advance purchase, why can’t that be used as comparison? So basically BRG is not comparing Apple to Apple, they ask you to prepay but other websites’ prepaid rate can’t be used for comparison. This does not make any sense at all to me....