M Lounge: Mind Menus

Blog Post created by globaltreker on Aug 12, 2018

The secret to high energy, productivity, and analog clarity in our day is Marriott's new Mind Menu's now being served in M Lounges.


Reading more about this on Travel Brilliantly' s Innovation blog post: 


Nutrition plays a key role in our being able to have a great vacation or business trip.  I'm grateful that Marriott continues to focus in this area to make my stay as productive as possible.  When we enter M Lounges, we have OPTIONS.


I usually go for the fruit and cereal section first and then a quick cup of coffee to go.  But when I want more, I am glad most properties usually have some local creations that fit the bill and help further my immersion into culture through the local food offerings.


Feeding the mind as well as the soul is an important factor in having a good travel experience.  Having a bad food experience can also make our trip experiences less desirable.  Its up to me to choose wisely, but I'm glad Marriott is their to help.