Marriott Platinum Premier Lifetime Status means NOTHING!

Blog Post created by girlstravelin on Jan 24, 2019

Hello I am a Platinum Premier Elite Member. I purchased a 7 night travel package category 1-5 for 270,000 in August 2018. The 100,000 miles were suppose to go to Delta. When I noticed the miles did not get into the Delta account I immediately contacted Marriott. I was told that everything was in place and to give it another 10 days. Still after that no miles went to Delta. I called numerous times and no one was able to sort this out. After 4 months I just went ahead and purchased the delta tickets I was planning on using the miles for. I then told Marriott that I wanted the 100,000 miles to now go to my Southwest account. I have spoken to numerous Marriott people concerning this. Nothing was happening. Then I saw that I had 3 deposits totaling 270,000 points deposited into my account. I called and was told that the problem was being worked on. Several days later, again nothing. Today I spoke to another supervisor and he said that the points were deposited and that was the correct action. He said if I want the travel package that I had originally bought I would be charged an additional 120,000 miles. Why should I be penalized for a mistake that was not made by me? I bought a travel package and the replacement should be what I originally bought in August 2018. He said that the awards are more now but that is not my problem . This was caused by Marriott, they should fix it.