Customer Service

Blog Post created by gabriel.campa on Jun 3, 2018

Hi there, just wanted to share an experience at the new Marriott in Athens. I have been staying in Marriott Hotels all over the world and I love that the service and expirience is always the same, it makes feel at home when I am out of my home for a long time. This hotel just opened two weeks ago and I can understand that they are still fixing all the glitches like any new product. But the service and user experience should be the same. They should have experienced people in the front office making sure not only that all guest receive great service but that Rewards Members also since they would be more likely in noticing these glitches. As a rewards member I get access to the lounge and have breakfast there. I was not informed that lounge is a trial run and it is only open for breakfast until 9 am, not like in other hotels which is normally 10:30. In some hotels they close the lounge on weekends and everybody has breakfast in the main dinning room. I and believed that this was the case and had breakfast in the main dining room. I am traveling with a colleague and for some reason they changed the rooms to his name and they could not find me in there list. After they clear this up I am told that the breakfast is not included and I say that as an  elite member I am entitled for the included breakfast in my stay. After back and forth this is also was cleared but should have never happened. I normally never complain but it was uncomfortable and had to say something. I say this so Marriot takes this into account with there new hotels and the merger. That why I say they should have experienced personnel supervising. 


Hope this helps!!