Suppose Traditional Thanksgiving Will Continue?

Blog Post created by fschumpert on Nov 22, 2017

In our day of PC - we use to call this "privileged cat", but now means "political correctness" - it's likely only a matter of time before what many of us "old timers" call a "Traditional Thanksgiving", will likely come to an end. In Wednesday's WSJ Opinion section, the editor writes, "The PC Police Can't Ruin Thanksgiving", but warns that academia (University of Texas, Barnard College in NYC, and another Eastern college professor) seek to change this day to "Indigenous People's Day", already the new title for "Columbus Day" in 55 U.S. cities.


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"As for me and my house...." (taken from Old Testament passage), we will continue to gather with our family with all the holiday traditions:  turkey, ham, sweet potato pudding, green beans, dressing, pecan pie, *ambrosia,etc.; streamed family photos from the past, videos......*If you don't know what "ambrosia" is, advise - gladly send recipe!


Guess we just aren't conformists to modern-day "political correctness" - actually somewhat of a misnomer!