DOE - My 4th time in a row !

Blog Post created by fistuk on Sep 19, 2019

DOE (Domes Of Elounda) resort in the island of Crete (Greece) is an outstanding hotel which should be on the bucket list of any travel lover in general and Bonvoy members in particular.

This forum has had already some nice posts on it, and members such as painedplatinum and pluto77 have even managed to meet up here during painedplatinum's 500th hotel anniversary trip (… ). 


This is my 4th in a row visit to this amazing luxurious facility and no words are enough to demonstrate its high level and guests satisfaction. I've already posted about it last year:

Domes Of Elounda - No Other Hotel Beats It!

So no need to elaborate further. It seems like I'll be returning as many times as I can!! 

If you're visiting Greece or even Europe and still haven't been here - don't miss it