The Cosmopolitan - know how the system works

Blog Post created by fistuk on Dec 29, 2017

Las Vegas in general, and the Cosmopolitan in particular,  have become greedy for your money and much less customer service oriented.

This sad fact has brought me in to a situation where I had to "fight" for my elite status recognition and the benefit of getting a room upgrade.

Checking in the Autograph lounge is nice, but the agent who checked me in was not, and that's where it all started:

I booked a one bedroom terrace room and asked if I was upgraded. She told me "Yes, you're getting one of our renovated rooms". What the hell was she talking about?? The rooms aren't categorised by renovation but by their size, whether they have a terrace and by the view type. Why did she try to fool me?!

I refused to accept this and asked to be upgraded to a suite.

"we have no suites available and also no fountain view rooms available" she told me. I showed her the Marriott website showing a few suites available, and then she said "Our system doesn't show it". So I kept insisiting and asked what if I booked the suite right now on She had the nerve to tell me "As it's not available on our system you wouldn't have gotten it". Now I started to be annoyed. Are you really ignoring Marriott's policy of a room type guarantee???, I asked her. "We don't belong to Marriott, so we don't have to follow its policy", she replied.

That woman was so rude to lie like that to a guest, I really couldn't believe it.

As I didn't want to argue, I asked to speak to a manager. So she picked up the phone and spoke to someone... Then she told me: "I just spoke to one of our resort managers and was approved to upgrade you to a fountain view executive suite".

Wow... All of the sudden a suite is available and with a fountain view... Amazing what a simple phone call can do to thier room availability! It's magic!! So sad for the Cosmopolitan...


All in all, I was eventually satisfied with my suite upgrade and enjoyed this wonderful view from the balcony (photo attached).

But a lesson to be learned:

Never give up on your benefits in the Cosmopolitan! They will try to fool you so you get the minimum, but if you know your rights and the Marriott policy, and can be persistent enough you will get what you need.


Oh, and almost forgot to mention:

I got the LNF rate, of course, for $98/night ($150/night including taxes & resort fees) only! So absolutely achieved once again my moto:

Pay minimum and get maximum.


You can do it too!

Wishing you all to enjoy the Cosmopolitan in your next stay like you really should!

It is a nice hotel after all, despite the bad customer service and the attempt not to recognise Marriott elite members benefits.