A better rate for Double TIPPLE!!!

Blog Post created by fistuk on Nov 6, 2017



I enjoy cracking any rate, whatsoever!

Regardless, when this insiders rate for Double TIPPLE was introduced I kind of looked at it half happy-half disappointed, as although it gives us a significant reduction it is still a relatively high one ($190/night tax inclusive).


brightlybob already bragged I won't be able to find a better LNF rate, especially not for Thursday. I guess most of you, if not all of you, have been thinking the same 

Not only I LNF'd Thursday, I actually did it for all the days


SO, WITH MUCH PLEASURE - I hereby introducing you to my personal INSIDER-LNF rate:


This is truly a sweet candy which saves me $60/night!


So... Who still wants to pay the attractive insiders rate?

(just released mine if you're interested in Thursday or Sunday - hurry... first come first serve)