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Dear, Marriot



Sept 9th the date that was suppose to be the happiest day of my life, leaves behind a wound filled with HUMILIATION, IRRITATION, DISAPPOINTMENT, DEPRESSION.

Decided to have my wedding reception at the Renaissance 6808 S 107th E Ave, Tulsa, OK 74133.

By far the worst decision I have made.

Two whole years I worked day and night to be able to provide the wedding my wife has always dreamed of.

I find it completely unfair how a hotel such as the Renaissance failed not just once but multiple times

Little things matter... when you say you'll do something, you do it.  It also means you watch what you say.  That's how I define integrity.  We continue to see example after example of Renaissance saying one thing, and doing another.



1)We were suppose to be provided fountain drinks along with a fountain drink station which was not set up till 7:10 after dinner. Dinner was from 5pm-7:10pm.

Through out dinner my guest were being charged 3$ per drink.  I spoke to Casey the general manager and said "I don't care what time it was set up, 10 minutes before the reception is over or at the beginning of your time as long as it was set up I meet the contract"

Which I completely disagree, let's stop playing games we all know the fountain drink station was suppose to be ready at least at the beginning of dinner.

Through out dinner my guest didn't even get water refills, I had to grab a pitcher and give out refills.



2) there was suppose to be two bar stations, Pat the wedding planner thought one would have been better. Thing she should have discussed with Brenda and I before she took an action.

We were trying to prevent people crowding up in just one area. And that's exactly what didn't happen.



3) the wedding cake, cake my wife and I didn't even get to try, according to Pat they handed all the cake out.

A Renaissance employee later that night informed me the cake was in the kitchen, I went and looked and there it was about 80% of the cake still there.



4) security guards, weren't suppose to let random people in our wedding. There was people from receptions coming in and out that we didn't even know.



5) I originally ordered 100 plates of food for the total cost of 4600, which I had to have paid before the reception date or else nither me or my guest would be allowed inside the ballroom.

Pat had told me I had till the actually reception date to pay, a month before the reception she started calling asking for the money, when I went to pay off my balance also told Pat that I was to add another 50 plates. Which would be another 2300ish added to my cost.

She said "ohh no honey you've already spent enough I'll make sure to tell the chefs to make extra" thing that didn't happen either.

My guest were left tirsty and hungry !



6) Pat also promised photographer and film maker, a month before the wedding she called me to let me know she was no longer going to be able to provide film maker, she here I go stressing tryin to find someone. It was another 1000 out of my pocket, for something that was supposed to be covered by the Renaissance.



7) my wedding pictures, my wedding was sept 9th, I spent about two and half months asking for my wedding pictures. November 18th I received an email saying the pictures were going to be in a flash drive at the front desk to pick up at my convince. At the time I was out of the start, I came back a week later only to find out that no body in the front desk knew what I was talking about.



I made the decision to reach out to the general manager Casey, he was so difficult and sarcastic, he kept asking what I wanted to make things better. I told him a full refund or at least half.

According to him I owed a balance of 1400$, I don't see how if they were clear at the beginning when they told me if any amount was owed on the reception date no one would be allowed in till it was paid for completely. Those little false statements made my Casey and Nicki the sales manager just irritated me even more.

I have all my receipts, making false statements like that only made things harder. But anyways Casey said he couldnt do half the amount because regardless of anything my guest ate and I couldn't return the food.

At that time I was annoyed, I just wanted to get the nightmare over with Casey was Soo diffcult and hard headed that whatever i had to say didn't really matter,I'm not even sure why he asked me how he could make it better if he wasn't going to listen to me.

Ended up agreeing on 1500 refund, along with the check would be a flash drive with the pictures.



I got the check but the flash drive only contained the last part of the night pictures.

All the pictures of my wife getting ready, pictures from church and pictures we took at the rose garden were missing. I tired twice calling Casey left think voicemails but he hasn't called me back.



I was expecting the flash drive to have all the pictures, and enough is enough. I want a whole refund. Know tired of dealing with you guys it's all been a nightmare.



Nicki emailed me saying they no longer had access to those pictures that were missing they had gotten deleted ( not my problem)



They took it was far as picking out the worst pictures, I called poss photography to see if they're was anymore pictures and he said there was only from dinner till the reception was over.

He confirmed that the Renaissance had choose the pictures they were going to include in the flash drive. They were by far the worst pictures they were all burry.  Don't see how or why they choose the pictures I received there being alot better to choose from. I feel like theyre doing it on purpose. This is all a game or a joke to the Renaissance. If only you could see the pictures I received compared to the one that weren't chosen you would understand the way I feel.



I'mma have to pay out of pocket to receive the rest of the pictures. Soo many unnecessary expenses that should have been tooken care of by the renaissance. I feel robbed, you guys were so good on calling when it came down to you guys getting paid but my wedding service was complete **** no service at all really. Now no one wants to help me. I'm being ignored by customer service and the people from Mr Marriott's office .



they should have at least let me chose the pictures I wanted.

Casey gave me a refund of 1500 out of 4600. 3600 + 800 from the film maker makes it 4300

I would like a full refund of 4300. including the money I spent on the film maker. I have receipts. If you need me to take them or fax them anywhere I'll be Gladly to do so.

I look forward to your reply and a resolution to my problem. I will wait a few days before seeking third-party assistance.