Late Checkout still a problem even for Platinum

Blog Post created by exec17 on Jul 25, 2017

Well, they are still at it, denying late checkout. What is a gurantee if there is no delivery? I am platinum with ONE MILLION points. Asked for a 4 pm check out at a residence inn in SOUTH DAKOTA. Answer, 1pm and told there is no late check out available or allowed. The "maid staff departs at 4 and there is no one to make up the room", really??? It's all marketing that is not in action where the rubber meets the road. Sad to say, I am dissappointed as this was one of the benefits as in international traveler that swung me over to Marriott from Intercontinental etc. My hand is on the rip cord and the exit bar. I am not inclined to keep dumpping tens of thousands of dollars into marriott and its premier card. At the moment I am seeking match with other providers, and to move away from the marriott card with stingy benefits, over to a real card that has real benefits. Be advised. PS I contacted customer service for Platinum a day ago, and have yet to get any response to my inquiry of whether this is how marriott operates and if the Res Inn in Dakota is in compliance and whether they can and will offer late check out. I canceled by Res and went to another hotel with my money, body, and luggage.