Horrible Service

Blog Post created by etravelhector on Dec 27, 2018

As a platinum member I have to say the last promo is nothing but a scam, completely misrepresented and fraudulent from the get go.  We chose the Suite upgrade, after choosing it we discovered that we have to wait until 5 days before the stay to request it, yup you could be doing this all year and not get an upgrade because every time it is based on availability and 5 days to the stay the chances are they will be sold out.  So we chose an upgrade that basically is not usable.  Additionally i tried to change it only to be told that the choice is final, yet another piece of information that was omitted from the sale.  Furthermore you cannot select it online, you have to call every time and be put on hold for at least 20 minutes only to be told "no".  Wow this is how platinum members are treated. order to reach this status you have to invest alot of money into Marriott only to be scammed in the end.  Any members out there seeking higher status beware, not worth it.  I posted on facebook, no response, called to have manager call me back.......guess what no response.  Absolutely horrible customer service!!  And this is hospitality according to Marriott