Great Tapas Experience D.C.

Blog Post created by enviro6207 on May 20, 2018

Barcelona Wine Bar Cathedral Heights

3310 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20016


Kevin Hensley

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5 hours ago

First time dinner on 17 May 2018. We arrived at approximately 5:30 on this Thursday, had called ahead with a reservation and a request for one of their booths which are located adjacent to the bar. I rarely give out a 5  rating and most I read do not describe their claim adequately! This rating should be in the range of (4.5-4.8); which is fair and doesn't "cheapen" the rating system. We we're greeted in a friendly manner and shown to our booth; a crowd had already began to build in the bar. The server (Allison) introduced herself and answered a few questions and took our drink orders. I had two of the Lucy B's as the drink described the liquor as Rhum, as in the authentic type you see rarely on the menu. My dinning partner had the sangia. I very much enjoyed the cocktail, light and refreshing which was not overpowering yet instilled the feeling of underlying potentcy. The sagria sip I tasted was just sweet enough with strong tones of spice and fruit. The main course included these tapas: mixed salad, pork belly, spinach and chickpea, spring chicken, albondigad, indulgence (dessert) and I ate a beet salad. I've included pictures of almost ecah of these except the spring chicken (eaten before I realized it was too late.). We very much enjoyed the food! All presentations we're great and warm/hot enough. The quality of the food will stay with you hours after a meal, not only the taste in your mouth but in the digestion. Fresh food in the colors and taste very much are centric to the offerings here. Clearly Barcelona cares about their product! The atmosphere is trendy with heavy influnces of natural colors, wood, metal and ambiance lighting which all helps to lend a comforting aesthetics you find yourselves in. The manager stopped at the table during dessert and we chatted for a few minutes; it was a nice personal touch. The restaurant was clean and neat from our vantage point and the srevice reflected this as well. Well done Allison! Bon appetit! Bravo!