A bug in the Marriot Reward  program ?

Blog Post created by edwmtse on Oct 4, 2017

Hi all,

Has anyone check their Marriot Reward points lately (in fact, since March this year)? I noticed that during my last 3 stays, the Marriot Reward program always missed out on my second week stay.

When you first check in, Marriot usually swipe your Marriot credit card. Then, after about 7 days or so, if you keep staying, charges (as well as reward points) will be applied to your card. But, when I finished my trip and checked out, usually on the second week, charges were applied but the rewards points were nowhere to be found. It happened everytime (3 times in a row now) since March. I have to go through the process of reporting missing points. This is the 3rd time now this year and I am still waiting..........

I can hardly believe that it was just me having this problem, repeatedly!

Just to let you guys know.....