Scam 18 years of loyal customer and i was set up here. Dont stay here they rip you off and plantted a  in my room to collect $250.00

Blog Post created by dgarrison1213 on Mar 10, 2018

Fayetteville NC Townplace Suites on 1464 Soon I Rd. Are running a scam. They charged my card $250.00 because they said we smoked in the room we were in but we don't smoke and when we left the room there was not a cigarette in the toilet and a rag over the smoke dector. Futher more if I did smoke which I don't I wouldn't be dumb enough to leave evendice behind. The maid that was on my floor was outside smoking prior to us leaving when I went to the car this morning, As I was leaving I saw her on the floor cleaning rooms supposedly. So in conclusion I know I didn't do this 1. Because I don't smoke 2.Because I wouldn't be that stupid and 3. I would have walk to a smoking area if I smoked. This was done after we checked out today at12:28 pm. So whomever did this thought they could get away with it. I have been a customer since 2003 never once had any type of problems. The Manager at this place said the settings and made horrible accusations. So if they don't fix this I will call all my friends and family to inform them to never stay at a Marriott again. We've spend Thounds of dollars being a loyal customer. I will call the BBB the state Senate as well as new screws to let everybody know that this place is running a scam on people. I wonder how many people will come fwd about similar