Complaint Escalation

Blog Post created by dblueash on Mar 8, 2019

I was very dissappointed  in the response from Marriott's Internet Correspondence people and their reply to my issues.  I was given a “canned” company response, got the wrong dates and failed to address any of my concerns or questions.  It is like I gave him a sandwich with my issues of lettuce, meat, and bread.  He gave me a soggy paper bag with pieces from that sandwich I worked prepared for him.  I don’t know if it is a lack of training or just the pressure of starting the Bonvoy system but Marriott Guest Relations has changed and not for the better.  I have called 4 times and sent 3 email inquiries and the responses I receive have been condescending and short.  Only once did I speak to a considerate customer specialist.  Elizabeth seemed concerned about my issues but went to her supervisor and in the next moment I was disconnected.


Where is the role of actively listening and working to resolve guest's complaints?  I would love to contact a manager in Marriott that I could explain my experience.  Until then, I don’t see myself honoring the Marriott (or should I say Marriott Bonvoy) brand any longer.