Hospes del rei Seville edition hotel

Blog Post created by dave4525 on Oct 28, 2019

We are currently staying at the above hotel and it’s bad really bad, As a titanium lifetime member and my wife upcoming 60th birthday was coming up wanting to visit to Seville the hotel seemed an obvious choice but how wring we were. Shortly before checking in I received an email saying  titanium perks free breakfast, late checkout and choice of gift are not valid at this hotel. Breakfast and parking adds 100 dollars to a night on an already high rate, so a 6 night stay adds 600 dollars to the stay, 

after a nightmare journey  to find believe me it’s not easy to find we checked in, not only was no upgrade   Offered but we got the worst room in the hotel , room 16 opposite the lift and next to the stairs due to very poor sound  proofing the noise each morning was loud,

the hotel boasts a roof top pool and bar to watch sunsets over old Seville, the bar is not fully manned so to get a drink you press a table buzzer and some one comes up three floors to serve you,well as we were there you could press that buzzer till your thumbs bleed but nobody came not just to me but others too.

breakfast you order coffee and eggs from a waitress, as she passed by I asked for a coffee but told to wait, around 15 minutes later she passed by so again I asked for a coffee to be told again to wait, thinking if I cannot get a coffee how could I get eggs and pay 60 dollars for the privelidge so I left.

tonight was a flamenco evening In the restaurant and my wife birthday so I booked, we came down at 8pm to be a shown to a table partially blocking the kitchen entrance so we asked to move, shown a table in middle of dining room but they had obviously overbooked as waiters to pass by me I either got my chair bumped or get up to let them pass, no thanks we left and are outside hotel. So far Edition no thanks big disappointment.