Crying wife, Terrible stay are cosmo Las Cegas

Blog Post created by danielhk on Apr 17, 2019

I’m staying at at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas right now and checking out this Friday.  The booking is for April 15 check in and April 19check out.  This is the WORST Marriott property I’ve stayed in, and I’ve stayed in a lot.  I’m a 7-year Marriott Platinum Member and haven’t been treated in this way ever before.  They don’t treat Marriott members as someone special whatsoever and consistently remind me that they’re only loosely affiliated with Marriott.  This place is NOT a place to send your valued guests.

  1. When I called originally when I booked the hotel, I asked them what I would be upgraded into if I booked a particular room, they said that since they only have a loose affiliation with Marriott, they will see what happens when I arrive.  Anyone arriving in Las Vegas who have a $10 tip gets upgraded into a special room but they don’t feel the need to treat Marriott members better (I did NOT offer a tip to the check-in counter).
  2. It was raining the next day and we were going out and we asked if there was an umbrella we can borrow, they offered to sell us an umbrella.  I haven’t stayed at any Marriott property without an umbrella I can borrow.  This should be a standard item to lend to guests, even though it rarely rains in Las Vegas.
  3. We were going to entertain guests in our room and when we came back to the hotel drenching wet from the rain, we found our room NOT cleaned up at 7pm!  Why??  I ended up spending a lot of money at a nearby bar instead of entertaining them in our room.
  4. The minibar offers champagne but when you call downstairs to ask for champagne flutes, they want to charge for them!  

Their Front Office Operations Manager, Nicole, was extremely rude on the phone and doesn’t allow me to finish what I have to say, doesn’t listen to me whatsoever which caused me to speak louder, and when I did, she threatened to hang up the phone on me.

Once again, she told me they have little affiliation with Marriott other than for guests to collect points.  I don’t think I’ve ever been treated so poorly before and I don’t know why this place even remains as an Autograph brand.

We’re also here to celebrate my anniversary and originally have very special arrangements for my room, which I have now CANCELLED.  We also have friends in another room who flew in to celebrate with us and this place is turning out to be a complete disaster.  My wife had been crying for 2 hours last night wondering why we’re celebrating here and with very little choice to move to a different hotel.


Please help, what should I do?