Anniversary Celebration

Blog Post created by curiousone on Oct 26, 2018

Last night we celebrated our 37th anniversary with a stay at the Renaissance in downtown Phoenix. I booked the room using my Visa free night on renewal. Over the last few years this has gone from a Cat 4 to Cat 5 and finally a Cat 6 last year. On Aug 18th it dropped back down to a Cat 4. This is definitely a business hotel, but they have a good concierge lounge with long term staff. About 1:45 in the afternoon we jumped on the light rail and took it to downtown Phoenix for a 2:15 PM check-in at the Ren. I had done a mobile check-in and the agent said that she had a Junior Suite upgrade available for us. When the agent asked where we were visiting from we said Phoenix and said we were celebrating our anniversary with them. She asked if she could send up a bottle of wine and some cheesecake bites to our room. That was agreeable to us! We dropped off our luggage and went for a walk around downtown to see what has changed in the last 6 months. When we got back to our room about 4:30 the wine and cheesecake bites had arrived. We took the wine up to the CL and explained it was from the front desk and asked if we could drink it up there. They said “technically” no, but what the heck, we didn’t look like we would end up throwing furniture out the windows. We cut the cable at home several years ago so we spent the evening watching cable TV shows we had forgotten about, drinking our wine and eating a tasty meal at the CL. Towards the end of the evening I ordered 2 Amaretto on the rocks and they brought them over “on the house”. This morning we had breakfast, grabbed the Wall Street Journal, hopped on the light rail home and went to work a little later than normal. Since the Ren has a full kitchen down stairs the CL gets some pretty good food sent up. Thank you, Marriott!