Bizarre Times on the Marriott Elite Phone line...

Blog Post created by chinadian on Apr 20, 2019

The context for this post is that I have an uncommon and somewhat unusually spelled middle name, which I had to add to my Marriott profile last year in order for a Korean Air points transfer to go through (they wouldn't honor it because of formatting differences causing problems).  However, I'm John Doe* for this post.

A week ago, I called in to Marriott Rewards to chase down some missing points from a recent stay at the JW Parq Vancouver Marriott in mid-March 2019.  I hadn't received the correct amount of points and was missing the base + elite points from two nights of valet parking, on-property dining, and one night of Make A Green Choice points.  The rep I worked with that day was brusque but said she calculated the missing points and made the adjustment.

Shortly after that call, I tried to check for the adjustment on my "Activity" tab on only to discover a dreaded error that I thought was behind me:  "We’re temporarily unable to display the information you requested. Please try again later." I continued to get that error the for the next week+ continuously, 24/7.  I believe I'm still missing some points despite the adjustment but can't even check at this point.

Today I tried to call in to address both issues.  I was cold-transferred twice (the transferring rep didn't explain to the new rep what was going on and I was just ported over to fend for myself) when I called in to ask why I can no longer see any activity, and basically I learned that they can't see my account activity either.

It started when I called in to the Bonvoy Elite Member Services rep.  She listened to my explanation, tried to look into it, couldn't see my activity either, and told me she'd need to get me in touch with "Loyalty" to get the matter resolved.  After one ring, a guy from "Loyalty" picked up and addressed me by another member's name (not even close).  None of my information apparently ported over, and he had no idea who I was or why I was calling.  I explained to him how I had got to him, and he pulled me up by my member number.  He was at a loss for solutions too, and when I asked incredulously if Marriott had a "technical support" department, I was transferred without any warning...

A woman picked up next.  This final rep was even more bizarre, as she answered and somehow mistook me for a Marriott corporate employee.  I asked what department I had reached wondering if I had reached someone -anyone- who could help, because "Loyalty" just sent me away without warning.  "This is Assistance" she explained, not helpfully.  I explained how I got transferred to her and why I was calling (yet again), and she still didn't realize I was a customer at this point apparently.  Some information must have ported over this time because she tried to confirm my name and said, "You're calling about ... John* ... (must have been silently reading and trying to pronounce my middle name) ... Whatever?"

Taken aback, I sarcastically responded, "Doe, yeah.  John 'Whatever' Doe."  It was clear to me at this point that she thought I was an internal contact and still hadn't realized I wasn't.  So I helpfully elaborated, "You know, this a customer and not a Marriott employee, right?"  This snapped her back to reality and she stammered out a half-hearted apology and excuse that she didn't normally get calls from customers.  Just.  Amateur.  Hour.  It turned out she also couldn't help.  She couldn't see my activity, she guessed there might be a system update in progress (for a week?), and she suggested I try back in a few minutes.  I thanked her for her ... help and hung up.

Admittedly, this is the first time I've truly experienced anything like this when calling in to Marriott for support.  So, I guess it was only a matter of time.  I still need to resolve my original issues, but I also wanted to get it off my chest how a customer's attempt to resolve an issue themselves led to -- well, whatever happened on the phone Friday afternoon.