Moxy Boston:Great Stay Good Value

Blog Post created by ca6440 on Dec 13, 2019

I arrived at the nearly 2 month old #MoxyBoston in the middle of a very windy snowstorm. The location is fabulous for the Financial, Theatre, historical sites and Boston Common. Through the snow I could see the top of the Common and the Boyelston T Station, (abt 1 block away, w/stairs only at this stop). Check in on the 2nd floor was quick and friendly, they were most interested in my experiences at other Moxys.  The lobby, bar & food service areas were typical fun & quirky Moxy look, including board games & what looked like a 50gal drum of Chanel #5.  
Despite arriving very early in the morning (flight delayed 14hrs due to West & East Coast storms) the had a room midway up the high rise building available for me.  The room was the size I expected from Moxy, with fun decor and floor to ceiling view windows.  The bathroom had a sliding barn door (saving floor space), the sink was huge, with great lighting and the shower’s water pressure was wonderful.  For those who have been commenting about glass walls or doors in bathrooms, my room didn’t have these features found in so many new/remodeled bathrooms.  
The platform bed was fantastic, very comfortable and bless them the wood platform had rounded corners (to save denting your shins if you bump them while weary/blurry).  The night stand had quite a large retro phone so my recharging tablet & phone ended up on the floor until I figured out how to move the phone. For a one person short stay the hangers & pegs were plenty, but might have been inadequate for two.
Two minor grumps about the room, the hallway from the elevator was so dim I used my phone to read the room numbers and as we’ve all become used to kettles/coffee makers it was a shock that the rooms don’t come with coffee/tea making options.  

I only had 2 breakfasts in the food area, and wished for wider food options I’d seen at Moxy’s in London. The bar/lounge/food area had both very long (w/power outlets) & small private tables. They also had a counter stretching over many windows, suitable for supervising the snow plows and people watching.  One comment about this area, due to the volume/energetic music it would have been difficult to hold a phone or private conversation. I could hear all the conversation of 8 business men sitting near me at breakfast. 

Checkout was efficient, and the two people at the desk (one perhaps a manager) all wanted my comparisons to UK Moxy’s.  That the Moxy near LHR had Nespresso machines left them stunned, and that I’d felt coffee deprived when upon awakening @ 5am to answer emails, had them looking a bit apologetic. 

The room was 29% the cost of the W directly across the street, was the room small - well yes but I’d meetings all day & was jet lagged.  

I’d stay again. Is it a classic Moxy, absolutely. If heights don’t bother you ask for a high floor room, overlooking Stuart St, absent a blizzard the view should be great.  

Make sure to ask if you can go to the meeting/reception room with a view on the top floor (picture attached)!