Blog Post created by brilin on Dec 13, 2018

I perhaps should start by explaining where Poznan is and why I wanted to go there. Poznan is half way along a direct line from Warsaw to Berlin and has always been a major trading city. It is the home of the biggest Trade Show Grounds in Poland and the Lech Brewery, Polands largest beer producer. Neither of these facts are relevant to my trip but I just thought you should know! At this time of year, if possible, my wife and I like to go and explore a Christmas Market somewhere and the market in Poznan has had a really good write up and last weekend it was also home to the Poznan International Ice Sculpting Competition which looked interesting, so we decided to go. Our decision was helped by cheap flights with Ryanair( under £100 for 2 return) and The Sheraton offering us a room for under £60 per night.

I booked a couple of months ago and speculatively threw 3 suite nights at the reservation and waited to see the result. The day before we left I received an e-mail from Marriott saying that they had tried to get the suite nights but the hotel had refused them. I wasn't very surprised because with the Ice Festival and the market I knew the hotel would be busy. On arrival Linda and I were met by the G.M. of the Hotel who announced that as Lifetime Platinum Guests we had been upgraded to the Presidential Suite. We were escorted up to the room where we found a bottle of Wine, a bowl of fruit, some cake and chocolate! We were also told that breakfast in the main breakfast room was included and that the club lounge was open 24/7 for snacks, light refreshments and wine, and was open from 6pm to 8pm for hot snacks and a full free bar! It is so nice to know that the SPG spirit of exceptional hospitality for elite guests is not dead yet. As it was lunch time we took advantage of the club room for a couple of glasses of wine each and some cheese and biscuites before heading off to the market. TBC.