Travelling through Corona-Closed Britain

Blog Post created by brightlybob on Mar 21, 2020

Here in the UK after several days of speculation that London would be “locked down” by the end of the week, the Government finally responded on Thursday advising there were no such plans. Then the very next day at 5pm the Prime Minister appeared before the country to announce the national closure of all cafes, theatres, cinemas, restaurants and most distressingly, pubs! Oh, no, my dearly beloved next-door Quarry Bank Pub, now closed down - it’s next-door location was the reason I chose to buy my house! 

Ok, so it’s not a London Lockdown, but it is effectively a countrywide closure.  My problem however is that I have a 2-day trial in Kent this week and repeated conversations with the listing officer over the last week have advised that it would proceed - there were no government plans to close “non-essential” (ie my specialism - Family) Courts. Hmm, so do I really believe that bearing in mind the governments denial-one-day-affirmation-the-next approach. Well really I’ve no choice, it’s not “off” so I’ve got to prepare in the basis it’s “on”. So I’m meeting the solicitor on today (in Milton Keynes at the Delta) and the witnesses on Sunday (at the LHR Renaissance Heathrow - easy to reach by tube) so we can all begin on Monday! But what’s the betting on Monday my courts going to be closed? However I have to fully prepare on the basis it’s happening - this trials hugely important to my client as it is to their spouse!


Hence the blog, as I go about my business even though I’m pretty sure it will be a fruitless effort!