brightlybob reduced to an unusable letterbox...

Blog Post created by brightlybob on Feb 13, 2020

So I logged into to be confronted with 3 unclosable, unmoving, “un-agreeable” cookie approval notices that together with the wasteful header takes up 90% of my screen. The  only working space I’m left with is literally a letterbox.




I can’t possibly book in that space, and I do mean it’s impossible as I can’t see the bottom of the page to approve dates I choose. What’s going on communitymanagers? I could use the app, but stupidly it doesn’t display all the rates available so it’s also useless. I can’t even report it to Marriotts utterly useless web team as I can’t get to the bottom of the page to report it. 

Every time I see another Marriott IT Snafu I think surely it can’t get worse! The only good news here is now it really can’t, as finally your beyond hopelessly useless web team has finally invented a glitch which means I can’t book at all. So that really must be as bad as Marriott IT gets, unless of course its a deliberate banning,


Is it?