Live from the lounge

Blog Post created by brightlybob on Dec 8, 2019

Hi fellow insiders! Today I’m blogging live from the Renaissance Heathrow Lounge and just decided to post.



I’ve reviewed this hotel and lounge several times now as one way or another my work keeps bringing me back to Heathrow - not to fly I hasten to add, every fool knows of you what to fly anywhere to avoid Heathrow! Actually that’s not really fair comment these days, in fact I flew from Heathrow last month on a stress-fest flight that was initially meant to be from Manchester but then I had to switch to London due to a Judge demanding my attendance before him on that very date that got switched from Chancery Lane to the Docklands and then ended up being fixed for a day instead of an hour, where at 12:30 I had to change my 13:30 flight by phone to 16:20. Luckily United were very forgiving on their change fees for the redemption flight and it went on time. So yeah, Heathrow does work as an airport... I guess!


Anyhow I’m here tonight with no work to do till tomorrow except drink beer in the lounge! And it remains the case that this lounge is still very good, excellent runway views, great food as a chefs mini presentation served to you by the very attentive lounge staff Marusha and Marilena

With some “help yourself” desserts

and a plentiful supply of cheese, breads, chutney and crackers

To my view it is and remains one of Bonvoys best lounges, a good size, good food and of course 4 hours (17:00-21:00) complimentary Wine and beers served by Marusha and Marilena who really do not rest, whether it’s clearing tables, seeing your beer or wines low and topping up or even offering extra of the chefs presentation you’ve chosen to eat. To my mind it remains the top of the five Heathrow lounges, and as I say, one of my favourites worldwide.