Barcelona with the student kids - AC & Renaissance

Blog Post created by brightlybob on Aug 16, 2019

A couple of months ago our youngest, Jazzy, turned 18 and as we had done with her elder brothers we offered her an 18th break. Of course this one was always going to be different, an all adult trip - all University students, Kian taking his Masters, Dan on his second year bachelors and Jazzy just about to commence her LLB. A very proud, if expensive, moment!


So it’s 5 nights - 2 on the beach at the AC Gava Mar and 3 at the Renaissance Fira with its oh-so-cool (but hot) Rooftop Pool!


And a very nice room at the AC Gava Mar...


Yes, the wardrobe proves it’ll be a “bright” break!

Lovely bath, note the embossed AC towels and transparent sink, pretty cool - I do like ACs

And finally our view the next day, oh yeah, nice start!