The Polish Riviera - Gdynia and Sopot

Blog Post created by brightlybob on Jul 8, 2019

This year we needed to save some cash so we’re giving our summer vacation a miss - not - really, I’m an insider, we don’t miss summer vacay! Instead of spending money however we’re blowing points redeeming on the Polish Riviera (yes, Polish Riviera, who knew?) for 2 nights at the Cat3 Gdynia Waterfront Courtyard and 7 nights at the Cat4 Sopot Sheraton on the beachfront burning a Travel Package certificate.



The 2-hour flights are courtesy of RyanScare at £35 each way including priority boarding, seat selection, backpacks and 10kilos of hand luggage each. I’ve ended up with one backpack - Mrs BrightlyBob has filched the rest of my luggage for her stuff. And she’s still complaining to any friends on Facebook that will listen!


Her misery levels will increase even more when she finds out that Sopot is actually colder than home, in fact it’s the coldest place on my Weather App - Oooops - and it’s raining too! 




But it’s a cheapo, and I’m sure the sun will break through at some point, although the 10-day weather forecast isn’t optimistic!


So travel with us to a soggy Polish Riviera. See the sights. Try the Pierogis - we do it so you don’t have to!