It's time to leave the LHR Renaissance

Blog Post created by brightlybob on Jul 4, 2017

You know how it goes in the beginning it's all rosy, everything's good, but over the years you feel taken for granted, that your partner just doesn't care for you. Overlooked and ignored you wake up one morning and wonder - really, why am I taking this? Is this all I'm worth?


Well on Monday morning I awoke in my small corner room 2505 at the London Renaissance Heathrow Hotel with a magnificent view of a poured concrete wall just inches from my window while the family next door argued as I could plainly hear through the connecting door, thinking, is this really the best room they could find for a regular Plat premier guest? Thus I began questioning our entire relationship - and decided that it was time to part with the London Heathrow Renaissance. It's been good at times - well the lounge has, but there has to be more to a relationship than great free beer. There's lots of other hotels around who have got to treat regular customers better than this.


As a regular LHR Renaissance Hotel guest I receive:


(a) lengthy checkin queue and an elite queue line that is ritually ignored and utterly pointless

(b) no suite upgrades at checkin, never, not ever. I mean never! Promises of "next time" never kept

(c) repeated "missing stays" - forgetting to post at least 10% of my stays

(d) repeated point-shorting - at least half of my stays that aren't actually missing are significantly point-shorted

(e) "forgotten" Plat bonus points.

(f) charges for car parking but forgets to give the card needed for the reader necessitating further queueing

(g) forgets to post incidental card details given leading to payment refusal at restaurant/bar and further queueing


My last stay 1st-3rd July experienced a, b, f and g and so my first step, once home and acting upon my resolution, I consulted the Marriott Plat line where I spent half an hour on the phone Monday afternoon with them correcting my last 3 LHR Ren stays of woeful underpayment, one missing stay, one significant point-shorting and one "forgotten" Plat bonus points. Yes, that is my last 3 stays at the Heathrow Renaissance! And I've been accepting this as normal for years! The place uses every opportunity to "accidentally" underpay points. Now I await my points posting for my stay ending that fateful dawn of realisation Monday morning and I'll bet you a buck to buttons there'll be at least one of c, d, or e!


I am sorry London Heathrow Renaissance, but this type of crappy consistency isn't a good thing, its time to try another LHR hotel. SPG have a couple of options, and I think there's a Crowne Plaza and at least 2 Hiltons. With my regular stay record I should be able to find another fish in the LHR sea that will provide me with good consistency instead of your take-me-for-granted type.


A few years ago if you'd have asked me what I would most want with me on a desert Island I would have replied, without hesitation, a lifetime supply of beer (and the means to keep it cool). Now, after some thought, I'd reply a lifetimes supply of tea (and the means to brew it).


The free beer was good, but there's more to a relationship than free beer - Yes, LHR Renaissance, I've outgrown you!