Travels in Germany Part 3

Blog Post created by brianandlin on Sep 6, 2017

Berlin is a typical Capitol City. A cultural centre, with museums, theatres and venues. Historical sights, especially to do with the wall, and its much older famous buildings and monuments. Like all big cities it has traffic and parking problems but it does have a very good public transport infrastructure. The bus, train, tram and underground systems are all excellent and can transport you round the city almost 24 hours a day. I assume that anyone who is thinking of going there can acquire their own tourist information so I will just pass on a couple of tips that were given to me. The first is the Berlin Card. This is not expensive and gives access to all public transport as well as a host of discounts off entrance charges and even food . If you arrive at either of Berlins airports or railway station, you can buy the Card from the Tourist Office or online before you go then you just have to pick it up. This alone can save you the cost of a taxi to your hotel. We found this card to be very good value and very useful.

The second tip is the number 100 and 200 bus routes. These both start from Zooalogica and traverse the city by slightly different routes. Between them they pass just about every major tourist site in the city and they are included in the Berlin Card.

We stayed at the Sheraton Grand. This hotel is not in the centre of Berlin. It is near to Zooalogica and on the 100 bus route. The hotel is OK but for your money you get the bare minimum  of service. The club room serves beer and wine in the evenings as well as snacks and breakfast. I felt that the hotel provided as much as they felt they had to and expected payment for anything extra. I requested a kettle to make our own tea and was told that  there was a 9 euro service charge to deliver it! A marked lack of the service expectations that I have come to expect from Starwood.

The one really good thing about the hotel is the superb Italian Resteraunt just in the street behind it.. The worst thing was that because there is a canal right behind the hotel the mosquitoes were having a great deal of fun biting me!