I am going to make your day!

Blog Post created by brianandlin on Sep 1, 2017

Some time ago I got into serious trouble with a number of you over the "bottle of bud and a bag of crisps" post. I said at the time  that in all my time as an SPG elite member I had never received such a poor welcome from any SPG hotel. I have to announce that the Marriott Huntingdon has lost its place as the number one poor elite recognition hotel on my list and has been replaced by an SPG property!                      

The Westin in Dresden in Germany now takes this honour by a mile. Not only no beer and crisps but actually a total lack of elite recognition. No upgrade, no welcome gift (except breakfast or points which is obligatory) in fact absolutely nothing! Well actuallly worse than nothing. Several years ago I fell and split my head open in a hotel with a shower over the bath so now I always request a room with a walk in shower. This has proved to be no problem up until now when I arrived in Dresden. I was given an ordinary room with a shower over the bath. I went to reception and asked to be moved to a room with a shower. I was told that there were only 3 rooms with showers in the hotel and they were occupied. I asked for clarification and was given a lecture by reception on the SPG rules during which it transpired that there were more rooms with showers but " these are outside the SPG program". To my knowledge there are no rooms outside the program because is sets out minimum standards. If there were exceptions how come in the last ten years I have been upgraded to Presidential suites? Anything outside the minmum standards is a the descretion of the hotel! This lady was adamant, so they sent me up a rubber bath mat to stand on! Even with this the sides of the bath were very high and there were no grab handles in the bath to aid balence. This bath was dangerous. I told them so but they still insisted that the mat was the only thing they could do.

Each day of my stay I therefore had to take my towel and my soap down to the pool area in order to have a shower to keep clean.

Did I like Dresden? Yes it is a beautiful city, great things to see, it has been beautifully restored after the Allies bombed it neary flat in retaliation for the German devastation of Coventry. Well worth a visit but stay in the Marriott or the Hilton not in this Hotel.