Gold Rewards Buyback

Blog Post created by brent3 on Mar 2, 2018


I have been an active member and raving fan of Marriott hotels around the world. Unfortunately I have been coming up just short of earning Gold through hotel stays alone in the past couple of years. Marriott has always offered the Gold Status Buy Back Program, and for 25,000 points I have been able to maintain my status for the following year.


I was just informed when I called Marriott Rewards hotline this is not longer offered. I have seen NO information about this program being discontinued and find this extremely disappointing. I rely on some of the Gold rewards for my comfort while traveling... I thought that was the reason for the program.


Now at almost 300,000 points but shy of the number of nights stays I have been demoted to Silver.


Respectfully I would like to know who made that decision and why would you arbitrarily decide it would be a good idea?


With the competition of today in hotels and what they are doing for their guests, now is not the time to make this change.


As a loyal customer this was a perk I paid for and enjoyed.


Does anybody else have any thoughts on this?


Any information appreciated.