JW Marriott - Mall of America

Blog Post created by brandon on Jun 13, 2017

My stay at the JW Marriott was a mixed experience.


From a positive side the hotel staff are very nice and made an effort to make my stay better which is why I am giving it three stars instead of two. Other positives include the restaurant which had a good selection of farm to table offerings and a few odd but tasty drinks. The Concierge lounge was pleasant as well and the head concierge and his team were all very friendly and able to help us with all of our needs.


Unfortunately most of my negative experiences were in the room which of course is where I spent most of my time while in the hotel. Without going into too many details the rooms (we had to move multiple times because the problems couldn't be fixed quickly) had electricity issues (lights would literally turn off every 5 minutes) and the A/C failed in more than one and when the technician came to fix it, he pulled a filter out that looked like it hadn't been changed... ever. Beyond that, we had several issues with housekeeping including knocking on the door multiple times during our week there even though we had the do not disturb sign out. Disposable items like toilet paper and shampoo/shower gel were not replaced so we had to call down several times to have things brought up. The worst though is when my wife went to take a bath in the tub and found it covered in someone else's hair.


I really wanted to enjoy the JW. I have been to Minnesota more times than I can count for business and I have put up with the deteriorating Marriott across the street for years. I was really excited to take some vacation time with my wife and treat us to what should have been a top class experience. Maybe my expectations were too high, but I can only say they got that way from staying at other JW properties and receiving that top tier experience. I am hard pressed to recommend staying or not at the JW because I can only assume others have had better experiences but I will say when my next trip Minneapolis roles around, I will be looking for a different hotel.