Crossed the finish line

Blog Post created by bostonsportgeek on Nov 27, 2018

I had never really been that worried about hitting the (old) Lifetime Platinum level, I was staying at Marriotts regularly for both work and leisure and figured I would make it eventually and since I was making Gold or Platinum many years lately there wasn't a huge incentive to push it.

I had a large portion of my nights in low rate RI and had spent points on status buybacks in the past, so even thought I had 845 nights on 4/14 I only had 1.41 million lifetime points. To get lifetime status I needed to figure out how to acquire almost 600,000 points by the end of the year, initially this seemed like an impossible task.


Then I started reading posts here on insiders and doing other research and decided the goal was achievable.


It was time to get busy and make a plan.

First I transferred 50,000 from the wife
Then I transferred 50,000 from United
Figured I would try to get the Biz, I worked and I got 75,000
Decided to now cancel to old Personal CC and reapply for the new CC later for 100,000
Put every possible expense on the CCs (maximizing the bonus categories on the Business Card)
Transferred 6,000 points from Hertz
Bought 20,000 points

And had a generally busy year of travel for both work and leisure.


And with the points posting from my Thanksgiving vacation, I stand at 2.08m points (and 905 nights)


I probably did't need to actually buy any points, since I still have CC points and some more work travel coming, but I have had more (and more expensive) work trips than I expected heading into the 4th quarter.


I wouldn't/couldn't have done in without the ideas and feedback of the insiders community. Lots of great advice and some direct assistance of the @communitymanagers in resolving some issues of the way.


So come January I will be LTPPE/Titanium/Plutonium or whatever they end up calling it.


Fingers crossed for all of you still pushing.