Housekeeping issue: Fairfield Inn & Suites - Macon, GA

Blog Post created by bethbeth519 on May 8, 2019

This is my 2nd stay at this property, the first time being about a month ago. The housekeeping leaves a LOT to be desired at this hotel. The first time I was here there were hairs stuck to the shower stall (in several places), in the shower pan, and on the bathroom floor. The glass shower was also not cleaned. I travel with Clorox wipes and wiped everything down but didn't do a formal complaint. I did mention it to the front desk staff who replied, "Oh no!" Today I checked in for the 2nd time, hoping that my first experience was a fluke. Unfortunately, it wasn't. The same exact issue in the shower stall: clumps of hair on all 3 sides of the shower stall, hair in the shower pan, and hair/dirt/debris on the bathroom floor/vanity floor area. This time, I went to the local grocery store and picked up some bathroom cleaner and latex gloves, returned to the hotel and asked for a broom, dust pan, and towels/wash cloths. I proceeded to clean my own room. I sprayed down the shower stall walls and wiped them clean with the wash cloth and did the same with the shower pan. I swept the bathroom out and there was lots of dirt/hair and then proceeded to spray the bathroom cleaner on the floor and use the towels to clean the floors. I was disgusted with how dirty the towel became after using it to clean the floor. Also, this time I did call Marriott Customer Care to report this concern. They did a case and forwarded it to the hotel but the agent also gave me 5000 points for "the trouble" as he put it. This is beyond disappointing that I am paying to stay in a hotel that I also have to clean before I feel comfortable showering/walking barefoot in. I also found unopened packs of Chic-fil-A bbq sauces under the sofa, which I could see while sitting on my bed. When things like this occur it causes me to question the cleanliness of the entire room. Were the sheets even changed or did they just pull the covers up and make the bed? Just gross! I won't be staying here again. Just wanted to pass this along in case anyone passes through Macon, GA. Avoid the Fairfield on Sheraton Drive!