One and Done: Conroe, Texas

Blog Post created by bejacob on Nov 18, 2019

As some of you may have seen of the Triple TIPPLE 2020 thread, I was in Texas this past weekend. It seemed logical since I had flown all the way to Houston and then driven into Montgomery County for my weekend stay at The Woodlands Marriott that I should attempt to visit the county seat. Saturday morning, joined by brightlybob and nationwide, I hopped into my rented Ford Escape for the short drive to Conroe. We easily found the courthouse and I dropped my requisite postcard in the mail. That’s it. County collecting for this trip done. I did discover that Montgomery County is recognized as “the official birthplace of the Lone Star flag.”

Of course all that effort made the three of us tired and thirsty,  so we decided to head to the Southern Star brewery to remedy both conditions.  The brewery and taproom (that’s the important part) were just a few miles away on the north edge of town. It wasn’t well signed so we actually drove past it the first time. No matter. A quick U-turn and we soon parked on the grass about a quarter mile from the bar. We worried that we’d have to wait in line for a beer, but it turns out the the huge number of enormous pickup trucks parked along the road were owned by visitors to Texas Custom Knife Show being held outside the brewery, not the by patrons of the taproom. Whew! 

In fact, the taproom was almost empty. I guess noon is too early on Saturday for the first beer of the day. Not for us.  We sampled a couple varieties, but all ended up with Southern Star’s most popular beer, the Bombshell Blonde Ale. Knowing that we needed to be back at the The Woodlands by 2pm to start our pub crawl, we took a quick look around the place (after enjoying our beers) before heading back to the Marriott.


This might be the fewest counties I’ve every collected on what can still be called a county collecting trip. The grand total was one county. I drove a whopping 87 miles, most of which was to and from the airport. Even counting fuel, I think my weekend rental only set me back about $80. I wonder how that compares to the weekend Uber charges for others in town for the weekend. As usual, here are the before and after maps.



I expect that wraps up the county collecting for the year. I’ll be posting my Year in Review next, though I don’t anticipating doing so until mid-December.


Until then…


Happy Travels