Michigan road trip – final thoughts and other musings

Blog Post created by bejacob on Jul 30, 2013

During my 3½ day Michigan road trip, I logged 1,909 miles and spent roughly 45 hours on the road (inclusive of stops in the county seats). I drove through 40 counties, visiting 39 county seats along the way (I crossed into Emmet County for about half a mile at the southern end of the Mackinac Bridge).



On my color-coded maps below, cyan is for counties I have been in or passed through. Green in for counties where I have visited the county seat, and blue is for counties where I have mailed (and received) a postcard from the county seat. Before this trip, I had collected only the 5 counties in the far southwestern portion of Michigan (shown on the left map). After all my postcards arrived, I updated my map (right). Being able to collect many of cyan and green counties is always a goal, but getting any of the white counties is even better because it means I’m traveling in places I have never seen before.

MI (before).png       MI (after).png


Looking at Michigan, I expect I will complete the Lower Peninsula on my next trip to the state. It will not be this year, but I had such a good visit, I plan on returning next summer. The western U.P. will have to wait for a trip to northern Wisconsin.



My postcard collection now stands at 706, about 22% of the country, and I’d like it to be approaching 800 by the end of 2013. My current plans involve driving to Charlotte, NC by way of West Virginia in late August. I’ll get some of western Virginia and North Carolina on the way. I’m estimating about 50 counties on this trip.



For anyone interested, my map for the entire country is at Looking at it makes me realize how much there is still to do. Nonetheless, my trip to Michigan was a huge success, and even if I didn’t get to spend much time in any one place, I had a wonderful time. I saw several places I would love to visit again and explore further.



Time to look at my routes and plan my Marriott stays along the way. Until then…



Happy travels,