The Westin Lagunamar Resort Cancun

Blog Post created by bbscout on Jan 24, 2019

When using your points I would advise staying away from any Westin Resort Property. My wife and I were looking for a 3 night decompression after our daughters Wedding on Isla Mejures which is a 20 minute Ferry Ride from Cancun. From days before our check in when we received multiple emails from out personal “Consigere” to the multiple room calls including one that was an unwanted wake up call, to the calls during the two NFL Championship football games to the presentation about the recent Marriott conversion that was actually a pitch for Westin Club ownership, to the 1 hour meeting that went nearly 2 hours, to the three different Associates they ran at us, to the 3:00 late check out that was recinded, to the phone call to vacate our room, to the lecture I received on Resort policy, to being told what I was saying about my check out was incorrect. we packed up and left, wasn’t worth it. Be aware of the Westin Resort and stay with the hotels you are comfortable with. BTW I have Platinum Premier Elite Ambassador status and have averaged many nights in Marriott properties.